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Nearly there

The trailer is packed, the car is french toast and we’re down to only 3287 items left on the todo list. Here’s some event info Beth was kind enough to put together for anyone that may want to come watch. … Continue reading

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These colors run

Dave fired up the sprayer along with a dose of chutzpa to bring this bread topped french mobile together. The twin boot lid grills were securely fastened in and tested under simulated breakfast conditions. French toast with functional fresh air … Continue reading

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All systems…hmm

3 days to go and all systems go. Just don’t touch anything. Justin looks cool and collected while I took the camera for a spin.

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Suspensions mods and stickers

1 week left till’ race day and there’s much to do. Most of the day was spent on sticker strategy and general banter about the guy on the Lemons forum that wants to do a swap with a 1930 airplane … Continue reading

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We dub thee “French Toast”

Our team name/theme for this year’s Boston Tow Party & Overhead Cam Bake is now French Toast. After some deliberation and last minute wait-the-punishers-as-a-team-name-makes-no-french-or-food-reference thoughts we decided to go with our new deep and awe inspiring name. Visit us in … Continue reading

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The Cage is in, Bonne Bastille!

Installing a roll cage the night before Bastille day is a time honored tradition among rural parts of Federal road. After some downtime and general malaise the Punishers rallied today. Quite unbelievably it looks respectable. From PunisherGP From PunisherGP From … Continue reading

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The importance of headlights

We did some vital research on the importance of headlights tonight. Evidence suggests that they are an important part of driving at night and holding a petzl headlamp out the window is no substitute for proper lighting. Despite these findings … Continue reading

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Sparks Fly

Roll cage work was on the agenda tonight as the sparks were flying. Also on the agenda was getting back in the tranny to clean up things. The old and new throwout bearings show Sean’s stamp of disapproval. And some … Continue reading

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Start, Stop & Seat

Slowly but surely more progress was made today. The seat is in, the new starter is on and we finally have brakes. Sean also gave the car a good thrashing. 2nd gear is a doozy.

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Baby racer on board

This should fly in tech inspection after the waivers are signed. From PunisherGP

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