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We’ve been Accepted!  We need to be paid up by 5/28.  - Registration

Boston Tow Party & Overhead-Cam Bake at Stafford Motor Speedway, Stafford Springs CT, July 23 – July 24.

Here’s what you need to do now:

  1. Done – SEND AN EMAIL to nick@24hoursoflemons.com to confirm your acceptance. Done
  2. Fill out the rest of your team info. Your current team status is Incomplete: Log on and start finishing your details.  Registration Link
  3. Download the Safety-Inspection Checklist now, fill it out as you build your car, and bring the completed Checklist with you to the track! Remember, not every rule is reflected on the Checklist: You still need to study the full LeMons Rulebook.

Friday, 22 July 2011
No Pit Access available Friday; early arrivals must park in the spectator lot until 7am Saturday morning.

Saturday, 23 July 2011 
7am: Paddock Gates Open
7:30-10am: Check-in (no check-ins past 10am)
8-10:30am: Mandatory Tech Inspection
11:15am: Mandatory Drivers’ Meeting
Noon-10pm: Race Session I

Sunday, 24 July 2011
9am: Gates open. No race motors before noon.
11am: Mandatory Drivers’ Meeting
11:30am: People’s Curse
Noon: Race Motors Allowed
12:15-5pm: Race Session II
5pm: Checkered Flag
5:30pm: Awards Ceremony
7pm: Gates Close
7:30pm: Giant carnivorous deer ticks released

MOTELS, CAMPING, DIRECTIONS, ETC: Check out the race page and keep coming back often–when we learn something new, we’ll update it here.
PARTICIPANT-DISCOUNT SAFETY GEAR: Thanks to event-sponsor Pyrotect, everything an individual needs to pass driver tech (full-face SA2005 helmet plus SFI-rated driving suit, undies, gloves, and shoes) can be bought in one box at a LeMons-only discount: $425 for the bundle. All the gear has been pre-approved–just put it on and go.
Pyrotect also offers discounted LeMons rates on neck braces (at least one is required per team–this isn’t part of the bundle); SFI five-point belts; and stand-alone SA2005 helmets. Remember, to get the subsidized LeMons rates, you’ve got to order online via the LeMons-rate ordering page.
RACE #s: Now that your team has been accepted, a pulldown menu of car #s is visible on the Edit Car Info page of your online registration. If the number you want isn’t shown, somebody else already has it. Pick another one. Numbers should be displayed on both sides of the car plus the hood or roof.
COMP LICENSES: Every driver needs a LeMons competition membership. Memberships cost $50 and are good for one year from date of purchase. We are no longer recognizing other series’ comp licenses, due to unbelievably excessive whining. Blame the BMW CCA and PCA Club member in the pit space next door. No, seriously, kick his butt. He just cost you 50 bucks.

ROSTER CHANGES: For now, it’s still okay to make updates and changes to your online registration. If the changes affect your entry fees, the total will update itself automatically. About a week before the race we’ll lock down the database, after which no more additions or changes are possible. We’ll give you a few days’ warning before that happens, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

RULES: THE LeMONS RULEBOOK HAS BEEN UPDATED! Read the complete Rulebook at http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/pricesandrules.aspx/ now and re-check it often, refreshing your browser each time. Pay special attention to the strikeout copies linked at the top of the page: It’s your responsibility to know the latest version of all posted rules going into the race.

DROPOUTS: When you enter a race, you’re buying the right to compete–not a guarantee from us that you’ll get your own act together. If you drop out, can’t finish your car, blow up, go broke, catch swine flu, step on your own wiener, or otherwise fail to avail yourself of your grid spot, you forfeit your entry fees. That’s why they’re called “entry” fees, not “I got to drive the whole race” fees.

5. Pay up by Saturday 5/28

Speaking of entry fees, they’re due now. All entry fees must be paid in full by 05/28/2011. Miss that deadline, and your spot may be given to the next team on the waitlist. Need to beg an extension? Please drop us an email before the due date.

Your total fees are shown on your registration Home page–assuming you filled out the driver, crew, camping, license, and transponder info correctly. If there’s a big red INCOMPLETE at the top of your Home page, you’ve screwed something up, and that might affect your fee total. So…um…fix it.

To pay online by credit card, use the “Pay Now” button shown on your Team Home Page, at https://registration.24hoursoflemons.com/members/races/registration/signup_id/1895.

To cough up by check or money order, make payable to “24 Hours of LeMons” and mail to24 Hours of LeMons, 5675-C Horton Street, Emeryville CA 94608.”

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