Milk of magnesium gearbox

Slow but steady progress toward getting the transaxle dropped so we can get a look at the dubious clutch situation. Draining the gearbox revealed a milky substance. Luckily no metal shards or bits of mouse bones.

Gearbox drain – PunisherGP
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One Response to Milk of magnesium gearbox

  1. racing405 says:

    Oil doesn’t look too healthy. Guessing the breather cap from the top of the gearbox may be missing allowing water in? It’s a black plastic cap close to the clutch cable position on the top of the box.
    Should hold around 2 litres of oil 4.25pts. If you aren’t running a limited slip diff, it’s a good idea to stick some teflon based paste in the bearbox when you re-fill it – makes for smoother gear changes under pressure.
    If you box is the same as the standard release here in Oz, then you will find it has a huge step between 2nd and 3rd. We change 3 / 4 / 5th gears out of a different box to bring all the ratios closer together. This does drop your top gear overall ratio slightly, but won’t hurt your maximum speed unless you have a very long straight to run.

    Good luck.

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