Dropping the cl*tch bomb

The wait is finally over.  Clutch and tranny came out tonight.

The Unveiling PunisherGP

Bad news: The clutch is indeed as fried like a very very thin pancake and the throw out bearing and clutch pivot bearings show evidence of the god of hell fire.

Le Crepe Clutch PunisherGP

Good news: The pressure plate and flywheel are ok and the spare clutch that came with the car is viable.   The gearbox also feels ok and the gear linkage finally freed up.

We’re putting it back to together with the used clutch and sketchy throwout bearing for now.   The punisher should be able to drive the way it is so we can shake the whole thing out a bit on the road before our next practice session of dropping the engine again to do the timing belt, water pump & more.

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