Nearly there

The trailer is packed, the car is french toast and we’re down to only 3287 items left on the todo list.

Here’s some event info Beth was kind enough to put together for anyone that may want to come watch.
The start of the race is at 12noon on Saturday and one of the few times that you see the cars together! Plan is to get there by at least 11:00am. Tickets cost $20 for a single day pass and $30 for a weekend pass. This gives you access to the Grand Stands and Paddock. There is no age limit to enter the Paddock. Children must be accompanied by an adult and the adult must sign a waiver. There is no group rate or kid rate. (Bummer!) The ticket booths are outside the Paddock so you will get a chance to walk through it and see the cars. They say to try to park near the Paddock so if you want to leave things in your car, you can run back and get them.

Everyone must wear closed toed shoes. This is the only rule that remained the same. In addition, Lemon’s allows backpacks and small personal coolers. You must be able to tuck these items underneath your knees when sitting in the grandstand. You can buy lunch or bring your own. Hibachi’s and grills are only permitted in the parking lots.

There will be port-a-johns for the masses and they are not fancy!

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