épique – French Toast wins most heroic fix

Well fans, its over. French toast gave it their all this weekend and claimed the coveted heroic fix award at this year’s 24 Hours of Lemon at Stafford Springs, CT.

To make an epic story short, Saturday French toast started the race with Paul driving. After 12 minutes and 24 laps of driving the sublime instrument of handling prowess blew the engine in a grey cloud of glory and engine innards. No joke, the car was setup very well and the 405 mi16 platform made for a light yet grunty 2000lb racer. All drivers loved it. What followed was sourcing a dubious replacement engine from a great friend of the team Brian Holm at Peugeot Holm in Northern Vermont. Two of the crew were sent 8.5 hours round trip to meet Brian and the new powerplant. Meanwhile back at the pits the remaining crew removed the engine of carnage and prepared for the swap. The engine arrived and the team worked through the night till 9am when it fired up and ran rather horribly. We entered the race on time at noon. The engine got much better and we ended by going the full 5 hours of driving hard right to the checkered flag. Mark made a very fitting bonsai last driving stint that will go down as permanent legend.

Check back soon for a much more thorough post on this weekend. I can’t believe we’re french car guys now.

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