Instant Classic

Mark takes the wheel for the final leg in the Peugeot French Toast at 24 hours of Lemons at Stafford Springs, July 24th 2011. After a night of engine swap the team races hard all the way to the checkered flag getting licked by the Gutlass Cierra Oldsmobile who loses a wheel 100 feet from the finish line. See that at 27m6s. This leg will go down as permanent legend as it nicely capped off a weekend of agony and success. The racing ends around 30m but we forgot to turn the camera off. What we also captured was the team final celebrations and random dead air.

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  1. Ben Kerrison says:

    So have you done a postmortem on the engine you blew on day 1? What let go? Didn’t sound like it kicked a leg out of bed, but I would have to guess it holed a piston in order to pump that much smoke. Can you tell me what happend?

    Would be scary to have it happen to me at 140mph – tracks we race on are slightly longer than the circuit you were circulating on.

    Hope you had heaps of fun!

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