In-car cam of all drives in order

Here are all the drives from this weekend’s 24 hour of Lemons in Stafford Springs, CT. After blowing the engine in the first 24 laps we go on to have 9 full stints on the second day, July 24th. Damn satisfying. Watch on YouTube and go through descriptions to see highlights/lowlights.

Paul blows engine at 36:30

Sean’s 1st stint in French Toast – First in line on 2nd day

Dave’s 1st stint

Justin drives the toast

Kaz hammers in French Toast

Mark does his first stint in French Toast

Paul’s 2nd stint – Black flagged at 2:53

Sean’s 2nd stint – The boy’s got moves.

Dave’s 2nd stint – the ice man

Mark’s final stint in the toast – Checkered flag melee at 27:00

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