Its on!

French Toast and PunisherGP’s 2nd entry, French Roast, have just been accepted to the Real Hoopties of New Jersey on April 14th and 15th! We’ll be embarking on a second build and getting French Toast back into operation. French Roast (or at least that’s the theme of the day) will be another full build.  We’ve clear our calendars of prodigious familial obligations, apportioned the “live the dream” budget and have begged and pleaded with spouses to be understanding. Get ready to follow more detail than you’ll care to know of our hackathons and head scratching.

Here are some random updates:

  • Dave & I took the first look at the new white Mi16. It wheezed and coughed but started up.  Its certainly better off than French toast.  That’s not saying much, its still a total heap.
  • For those that didn’t hear Paul had a “watch this” moment and moved the French Toast 20feet whilst snapping the timing belt. It made 5hrs of grueling 105degree racing on Stafford asphalt but lived only another 2oft in subzero temperatures.  We suspect that the sub-zero temperatures had frozen some engine innards since we never replaced the race water with anti-freeze. A prayer vigil was held during the timing belt replacement but to no avail. All 8 exhaust valves were bent beyond repair.  Damn you fly cut pistons for giving us hope.
  • Paul is now driving a cherry (its all relative) Mi16 as his daily driver.  I’m sure that it will in no way become a parts donor for the Toaster or the Roaster.

Collective gasp as all air whooshes out of the bent valves during compression test

French Roast

Ruh Roh

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