1st WDWBAF Moment: Can’t source $15 part…

The first of many WDWBAF (“Why Didn’t We Buy A Ford”) moments: we can’t start ‘er up without a $15 Peugeot ignition coil. Well the part is $15, but the shipping from Europe is $35. Ouch! We can’t spend 20% of our budget on an ignition coil, so someone please read this post and send us one. It looks like this:

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One Response to 1st WDWBAF Moment: Can’t source $15 part…

  1. John says:


    You’ve got quite the project here, and I’ll watch with interest from my home in Canada.

    I buy most of the parts I need for my French cars online at Rockauto.com. I’ve checked and they have inventory of appropriate coils for your car….shipping should be less than from Europe!

    Good luck.

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