The Team

We rollover in the face of conflict, frequently need rescuing, are underpowered, unreliable, and un-hygienic but boy can we cook.  We aim not to go the distance but rather to go down in a blaze of glory.  Eat, drink, be merry for tomorrow we drive!

A Little History

Easthampton, NY – Winter – mid 1990′s… It’s a desolate place in the winter and there aren’t many options if you need to buy a cheap used car fast. When rusty pieces started falling off the bottom of Justin’s 280z that’s exactly what he had to do – find a used car for under $700  in a couple of days. The only such car on the east end of Long Island was an ’85 Renault Encore, which was aquired for $650 (ish) and named “The Punisher.” The car was possessed of two distinctive qualities: 1.) It was fun to drive; and 2.) It overheated… alot… every day. By the time Justin sold the car to Paul the head was well and truly baked and it exploded within a day or two (sorry!) But Paul had a feeling about the car (and a mechanic brother) so it was revived and its legend grew. Then the car was traded to Sean for a ski trip. Then the car met with a mysterious and unexplainable demise. For years the legend was discussed in hushed tones all over the country, but by 2011 was lying almost dormant. But then fate and the internet collided in Paul’s brain and all those lucky enough to have known and loved The Punisher “back in the day” were drawn together to rebuild the legend in a race that is becoming a legend in itself – They would build and race an Encore (flight of the Encore) in the 2011 24 hours of LeMons Boston Tow party and Overhead Cambake! But it turns out that the force of reality is stronger than the power of dreams – the Encore has only 64 hp and there aren’t any for sale anywhere in the USA so a suitable French substitute was acquired – the “future classic” Mi16. Maybe this car will be the beginning of a new legend and new stories to be repeated down through the ages, or maybe it will be a colossal waste of time and money – only time will tell…

Roll Call

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One Response to The Team

  1. Ben Kerrison says:

    Well, I have set the bar in my 405 track car. This weekend I cracked 220km/hr (around 140 miles per hour) on the Phillip Island Race Track here in Victoria, Australia. I know my car has undergone a lot more development than yours, I have a slightly bigger budget. The car was just fantastic, last suspension changes worked a treat, finally realising the full potential of these little Frech buzz boxes!

    All the best for race day! Look forward to seeing your results.

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