Instant Classic

Mark takes the wheel for the final leg in the Peugeot French Toast at 24 hours of Lemons at Stafford Springs, July 24th 2011. After a night of engine swap the team races hard all the way to the checkered flag getting licked by the Gutlass Cierra Oldsmobile who loses a wheel 100 feet from the finish line. See that at 27m6s. This leg will go down as permanent legend as it nicely capped off a weekend of agony and success. The racing ends around 30m but we forgot to turn the camera off. What we also captured was the team final celebrations and random dead air.

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Cloud of smoke and engine innards

Here’s the first of the in-car cam videos. After 12 minutes and 24 laps of spirited driving Paul blows the engine on the Peugeot. Its 43 minutes long. At 36m30s it all lets go. Let the 24 hour wrench-a-thon begin.

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épique – French Toast wins most heroic fix

Well fans, its over. French toast gave it their all this weekend and claimed the coveted heroic fix award at this year’s 24 Hours of Lemon at Stafford Springs, CT.

To make an epic story short, Saturday French toast started the race with Paul driving. After 12 minutes and 24 laps of driving the sublime instrument of handling prowess blew the engine in a grey cloud of glory and engine innards. No joke, the car was setup very well and the 405 mi16 platform made for a light yet grunty 2000lb racer. All drivers loved it. What followed was sourcing a dubious replacement engine from a great friend of the team Brian Holm at Peugeot Holm in Northern Vermont. Two of the crew were sent 8.5 hours round trip to meet Brian and the new powerplant. Meanwhile back at the pits the remaining crew removed the engine of carnage and prepared for the swap. The engine arrived and the team worked through the night till 9am when it fired up and ran rather horribly. We entered the race on time at noon. The engine got much better and we ended by going the full 5 hours of driving hard right to the checkered flag. Mark made a very fitting bonsai last driving stint that will go down as permanent legend.

Check back soon for a much more thorough post on this weekend. I can’t believe we’re french car guys now.

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Nearly there

The trailer is packed, the car is french toast and we’re down to only 3287 items left on the todo list.

Here’s some event info Beth was kind enough to put together for anyone that may want to come watch.
The start of the race is at 12noon on Saturday and one of the few times that you see the cars together! Plan is to get there by at least 11:00am. Tickets cost $20 for a single day pass and $30 for a weekend pass. This gives you access to the Grand Stands and Paddock. There is no age limit to enter the Paddock. Children must be accompanied by an adult and the adult must sign a waiver. There is no group rate or kid rate. (Bummer!) The ticket booths are outside the Paddock so you will get a chance to walk through it and see the cars. They say to try to park near the Paddock so if you want to leave things in your car, you can run back and get them.

Everyone must wear closed toed shoes. This is the only rule that remained the same. In addition, Lemon’s allows backpacks and small personal coolers. You must be able to tuck these items underneath your knees when sitting in the grandstand. You can buy lunch or bring your own. Hibachi’s and grills are only permitted in the parking lots.

There will be port-a-johns for the masses and they are not fancy!

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These colors run

Dave fired up the sprayer along with a dose of chutzpa to bring this bread topped french mobile together.

The twin boot lid grills were securely fastened in and tested under simulated breakfast conditions.

French toast with functional fresh air intake.

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All systems…hmm

3 days to go and all systems go. Just don’t touch anything. Justin looks cool and collected while I took the camera for a spin.

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Suspensions mods and stickers

1 week left till’ race day and there’s much to do. Most of the day was spent on sticker strategy and general banter about the guy on the Lemons forum that wants to do a swap with a 1930 airplane engine. Getting to love the build up to Lemons and all that surrounds this mayhemical event.

Foux du Fa Fa

Some time was also found to shore up the brakes and the suspension a bit.

Adding some negative camber on the fronts
Cutting springs
Rear bump stops
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We dub thee “French Toast”

Our team name/theme for this year’s Boston Tow Party & Overhead Cam Bake is now French Toast. After some deliberation and last minute wait-the-punishers-as-a-team-name-makes-no-french-or-food-reference thoughts we decided to go with our new deep and awe inspiring name. Visit us in the paddock Saturday morning for french toast served hot off the Peugeot decklid. And, yes it will be un-hygenic.

From PunisherGP

Stay tuned as Dave (Le destroyer of french masterpieces) Llanos executes his conceptual genius on the priceless 405.

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The Cage is in, Bonne Bastille!

Installing a roll cage the night before Bastille day is a time honored tradition among rural parts of Federal road. After some downtime and general malaise the Punishers rallied today. Quite unbelievably it looks respectable.

From PunisherGP
From PunisherGP
From PunisherGP
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The importance of headlights

We did some vital research on the importance of headlights tonight. Evidence suggests that they are an important part of driving at night and holding a petzl headlamp out the window is no substitute for proper lighting. Despite these findings the new/used clutch is in and the shift linkage is healthy. Dave also welded up the franken-xhaust with the razor sharp track debris catching hook. Against all odds this car is actually drivable now. Let the pre-race thrashing begin.

Some night rider footage. Mostly dark and noisy:

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