Sparks Fly

Roll cage work was on the agenda tonight as the sparks were flying.

Also on the agenda was getting back in the tranny to clean up things. The old and new throwout bearings show Sean’s stamp of disapproval.

And some nice new shift linkage are waiting to be thrashed.

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Start, Stop & Seat

Slowly but surely more progress was made today. The seat is in, the new starter is on and we finally have brakes. Sean also gave the car a good thrashing. 2nd gear is a doozy.

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Baby racer on board

This should fly in tech inspection after the waivers are signed.

From PunisherGP
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Another major sponsor signed on

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The parts swap with PeugeotHolms

We managed to squeeze all the smelly parts into our pristine family car. Thanks to Brian Holms for helping us source the very rare bits we needed.

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En avant, marche! …prudemmente

Forward motion was achieved for the first time without the assistance of a 4 year old or other living creature. She’s still pretty rough but the 20 year old swamp rat is on the move.

Burnout Video PunisherGP

The shakedown ended in failure of the shift linkage.

Hmm, shift linkage PunisherGP

Understatement of the evening, “I don’t think this will make 16 hours”.

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Dropping the cl*tch bomb

The wait is finally over.  Clutch and tranny came out tonight.

The Unveiling PunisherGP

Bad news: The clutch is indeed as fried like a very very thin pancake and the throw out bearing and clutch pivot bearings show evidence of the god of hell fire.

Le Crepe Clutch PunisherGP

Good news: The pressure plate and flywheel are ok and the spare clutch that came with the car is viable.   The gearbox also feels ok and the gear linkage finally freed up.

We’re putting it back to together with the used clutch and sketchy throwout bearing for now.   The punisher should be able to drive the way it is so we can shake the whole thing out a bit on the road before our next practice session of dropping the engine again to do the timing belt, water pump & more.

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Milk of magnesium gearbox

Slow but steady progress toward getting the transaxle dropped so we can get a look at the dubious clutch situation. Draining the gearbox revealed a milky substance. Luckily no metal shards or bits of mouse bones.

Gearbox drain – PunisherGP
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Getting lower in the seat

Prepped seat height and location tonight to do the roll cage measurements. All dimensions are in and going to S&W tomorrow.

Video getting lower

The A/C compressor was removed and serpentine bypassed. Another 30 lbs lost. I was duly impressed by the Peugeot-L group on yahoo. I was looking for the right belt size and had my answer in a few minutes. For the record, if anyone is interested in bypassing their 405′s compressor with a belt the correct size is 5 rib 28 inch.

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Punisher superleggera – So light a 4 year old can push it

Kaz and the Llanos the bros were at it tonight. The dash, sunroof & glass are out. Its looking and feeling more and more like a can of coke by the day.

From Today’s progress – PunisherGP
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